Monday, 22 October 2012


There is a home situated in Mathare Valley near the Kosovo slum. It provides shelter to victims of teenage pregnancy, orphans, family breakdown and separation of spouses leading to abandonment of children and possible child abuse. The Good Samaritan mobilizes the community to try and address these problems affecting especially the children in Mathare slum. The home offers shelter, food education, and clothing to these vulnerable children irrespective of age, race, gender, and religious belief. At the moment, it houses closes to 600 people from ages one month to twenty seven years. Vision:to be a leading well managed institution offering holistic services and support for needy and vulnerable children in Kenya. Mission:to facilitate holistic care and support for vulnerable children in order to enhance their growth and development. Goal:to promote the welfare of vulnerable children and AIDs orphans in Mathare Valley. 



  1. You have a great mission in someone's life. Most of our rehabilitation centres focuses on bringing hope and sobriety to people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol and it is a good thing that you have covered those who are needing care and love from a family.

  2. im from kosovo..its nice u help those in need.